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All About Hemp & Hemp Seeds – An Intro to Superfoods Part 6

by aaacbdoil

In Part 6 of our introductory evening all about raw superfoods we introduce the super plant Hemp and the superfood properties of hemp seeds. We talk about the history of hemp, how to identify good quality hemp seeds and many ways you can use them for a great vegan protein source and more.

For more general information about raw superfoods and why they are so good for you to add into your diet, watch part 1 of this video series:

And then watch the later parts of this video series for more information about the other 5 superfoods we reviewed in detail: raw cacao (chocolate), goji berries, maca, coconut products, and chia seeds.

All the recipes we discuss and more information about superfoods can be found either on our Superfood Website: http://www.LovingSuperfoods.com or our Blog: http://www.OwnYourBrilliance.com

Wish you could be there in person to taste the yummy-ness. In the meantime, enjoy all the info and contact us if you have any questions.

Love and Light and Yummy Raw Superfoods!
Melissa & Dan


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