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How to Advertise Restricted Products Online (CBD, THC, Cannabis, Alcohol, Wine, Beer, Firearms)

by aaacbdoil

How to Advertise Restricted Products Online – Surge #139

(CBD, THC, Cannabis, Alcohol, Wine, Beer, Firearms, Payday Loans, Rehab Services, Mushrooms, Psychedelics)

There are plenty of products that consumers want, but that carry restrictions for the companies that manufacture, market, and sell these products. There is also a diverse range of e-commerce platforms, advertising platforms, and marketplaces that could benefit, and benefit from, these products.

At Optimum7, when a prospective client comes to us with a restricted product (it could be firearms, CBD, alcohol, etc.), the first questions they ask are:
– How can I get more visibility?
– How do I convert more visibility into more traffic?
– How do I convert more traffic into more sales?

Obviously, they’re limited in this aspect, so what are some of the platforms and strategies for advertising restricted products online?

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